IDS Water Damage Drying Technology
We Employ the Latest
DRYING Technology

The IDS’ trained professionals employ a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment to help dry water damaged buildings and contents timely and efficiently. 
When you hire IDS, you can expect reliable drying technology and unmatched service, so you can have the peace of mind that your clients and reputation are protected.



Desiccants work in virtually any climate or condition, drawing moisture-laden air across the rotor where a desiccant absorbs the moisture and holds on to it.



With refrigeration based dehumidification, first the air is  cooled below the dew point, then it is heated again, which allows it to hold more moisture.


AC Units & Heaters

AC units cool the air below the dew point, condensing the water vapor out of the air. The moisture runs off the cold coil (evaporator) into the drain.


Air Scrubbers

Air scrubbers or air filtration devices (AFD) filter particulates from the air in affected spaces during water, mold, or asbestos mitigation projects.


Air Movers

Moving the air across wet materials in spaces affected by water damage helps improve evaporation during the drying process.



Our industrial dehumidifiers help remove moisture from the air fast and efficiently, significantly decreasing the total drying time
Beyond water damage drying technology, IDS also provides climate and humidity control, special events cooling & heating, marine, industrial, blasting & coating, and new construction services.
  • temporary humidity control
  • temporary heating
  • temporary power

Notable Projects

water damage restoration large industrial project

Hurricane Sandy,
Bellevue Hospital in NYC

We provided desiccant drying and temporary heating to the Bellevue Hospital in NYC after Hurricane Sandy

using desiccant technology to dry a gym floor from the top

Hail Storm
in Texas

In order to recover a flooded gym floor, which we couldn’t dry from underneath, we tented and used desiccant to dry it from the top

water damage restoration louisiana floods


We provided desiccants and temporary power to dry sections of a high school during the Louisiana floods

water damage mitigation and drying technology


We dried the basement and first floor and mitigated damages above the flood line. We provided temporary cooling on the 2nd floor and above

multiple desiccant dehumidifiers at work

Pipe Break in

We used multiple desiccants during a pipe break in a university dorm building in Pennsylvania

temporary heating and desiccant drying

Winter Storm
in Michigan

We provided temporary heating and desiccant drying to a Michigan School which lost its heating system and had multiple pipe brakes, in 2014

desiccant dehumidification equipment

Refinery in
the Southeast

We provided desiccant dehumidification and temporary power while a Southeast refinery’s land storage tank was being sandblasted and painted

temporary cooling and power


We provided temporary cooling and power for a tent in Mississippi during a PRO AM golf tournament