Drying equipment for commercial water loss remediation
We Offer DRYING Equipment,
Technology & Know-how

About Us

We are a team of experienced water damage restoration professionals working with restoration companies throughout the US to provide them with all the necessary drying equipment, technology and expertise. We are experts in water damage remediation and can handle a large variety of materials. Whether it‘s wood, drywall, carpet, or speciality materials like plaster, concrete, marble or scagliola, we will come to the rescue.

Working with Restoration Companies

We are the experts that restoration companies count on when they need help, support and drying equipment to handle any size water loss. We only work with restoration contractors, and never directly with the beneficiary (whether a property owner, property manager or insurance company). Our uniforms, equipment and vehicles are always logo free. Our professionals will work on the job under your brand, and you are welcome to provide them your logo shirts.

Our History

IDS was founded from years of designing and manufacturing desiccants and DXDH’s along with more than 10 years of water restoration work throughout North America. Our experienced technicians are not only trained, but also experienced in handling catastrophic events such as Hurricanes Sandy, Ike and Katrina, and many other weather-related events such as the flooding in Iowa and Nashville, polar vortices, and more.

Trusted by the Very Best

We are proud to have been trusted by leading companies in the restoration industry when they needed our help and support to quickly remediate severe water damage in notable buildings, such as: the Mississippi Capital Building and Supreme Court Building, the Bellevue Hospital in New York City, the GM Design Plant in Michigan, the Perry Nuclear Power Plant, and many more.